European Tourism Covid-19 Safety Seal released

The European Standardisation Organisation (CEN) has developed a European standardisation deliverable for COVID-19 health and safety protocols in tourism services and establishments. This development comes after the European Commission took the initiative on the matter.


The “EU tourism COVID-19 Safety seal” is a voluntary tool with standardised rules, which will help inform and prepare tourism businesses to welcome travellers, while fully respecting the health rules and protecting their employees’ health. In combination with the Digital Green Certificates, it will provide travellers with clear information as the summer season approaches. The Commission will work with Member States and the industry to ensure the successful rollout of the new health seal, further cooperating on communication campaigns with the objective to rebuild confidence in safe travelling in the EU.

EBI was consulted on the requirements as an expert organisation at CEN and ISO level (International Organization for Standardization), and the new safety seal will apply to yacht harbours and nautical activities as well.

For more information, see here and read the Commission’s communication here.

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