About EBI

European Boating Industry (EBI) represents the recreational boating industry in Europe, which encompasses the following subsectors:pexels vincent gerbouin 2231299

  • boatbuilders (building motorboats, sailing boats, yachts, personal watercraft, and other recreational boats)
  • engine manufacturers
  • equipment manufacturing
  • refit and maintenance companies
  • boat dealers and importers
  • marinas and yacht harbours
  • boat charter and rental companies
  • water sports rental companies
  • other related companies

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European waters count at least 6 million boats, 36 million regular boaters and over 6,000 inland and coastal marinas. The European recreational boating industry is made up of 32,000 companies (predominantly SMEs) which directly employ over 280,000 people. The sector is a key contributor to tourism and to local economies in coastal and island regions, and Europe is an important exporter of recreational boating products. The industry is responsible for 17,782 million euros of economic turnover between boatbuilders, engine manufacturers, accessory and equipment manufacturers, and service providers.

EBI is made up of the national associations representing the recreational boating industry in EU countries, in addition to several individual organisations which are sustaining members. More information about membership options can be found hereAs an established stakeholder at EU level, EBI's mission is to defend and promote the interests of its members and of recreational boating sector on key issues, ranging from Single Market legislation to blue economy, environmental, tourism and trade policy.



EBI boatbuilding

Among EBI's key policy objectives are:

  • to foster recreational boating in the European Union, promoting its values;
  • to promote a coupled approach between sustainable and economic development in the boating sector, ensuring circularity of materials and minimisation of marine pollution;
  • to promote nautical tourism and recreational boating as a tourism and recreational activity;
  • to strengthen and deepen the Single Market, preventing distortions, ensuring safety and consumer protection and addressing the companies' need for skilled employees;
  • to foster smooth and barrierless international trade between the EU and its trading partners, through standards alignment and level-playing field.


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You can find more about what we stand for here.


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EBI partnered with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, committing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In its commitment to fight for a better environment, EBI partnered with The SeaCleaners, an NGO created in 2016 which is trying to battle marine plastic pollution with a revolutionary waste-collecting ship. Read more about EBI's and The SeaCleaners' mission here.