New Access2Markets tool to find out on tariffs and other trade requirements


The Commission launched a new online tool called Access2Markets, intended to provide companies with the necessary information on importing and exporting to and from 120 countries. Users must simply type the name or the Harmonised System (HS) code of the product they would like to import or export, select the country of origin and select the country of destination. The portal will then display all relevant information on tariffs, taxes, trade barriers, customs procedures, rules of origin, product requirements and relevant trade statistics. Boating industry companies that are trading internationally (or aspire to do so) can make use of this to receive swift and reliable information.

Specifically for goods traded with Canada, Japan and South Korea, users can also make use of the Rules of Origin Self-Assessment tool (ROSA), a questionnaire that will help them verify whether their products comply with the required rules of origin (more countries are to be included soon under this tool).

In addition, the website also offers general, user-friendly information on key issues, step-by-step guides on importing and exporting, and a glossary of key concepts, among other things. The information is presented in an accessible way and is available in all official languages of the European Union.

Access2Markets can be found on here.


For further support: Enterprise Europe Network

Companies from the boating industry can also obtain EU support by contacting Enterprise Europe Network. This is a support tool aimed at helping companies and in particular SMEs grow internationally and innovate. The network, which is available in over 60 countries (both EU and non-EU), is made up of 3000 experts from over 600 organisations, including technology poles, innovation support organisations, universities and research institutes, regional development organisations, and chambers of commerce and industry.

Through the Network’s website, companies can look up which of these organisations are present in their area, and seek support from their experts, who will offer free personalised business services. SMEs looking to grow internationally may receive advice on funding sources, exporting, EU standards, or protecting intellectual property abroad, among other things. Companies looking to innovate can be advised on innovation-related policies, relevant funding programmes, innovation strategy, intellectual property rights or innovation brokerage services, among other things. Finally, through the website, companies can also search for opportunities for international partnerships with other companies.

The Enterprise Europe Network website can be found on here.

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