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EBI Manifesto: Boating matters!

PRESS RELEASE – 11 February 2019


European Boating Industry is proud to announce the publication of its Manifesto

The boating industry is a key player for Europe’s industrial future and for its citizens. It provides highly specialized jobs, growth, trade, regional development, it fosters the contact with nature and the oceans, promotes active lifestyle and encourages the social development of the communities invested in it. As we navigate through a period of uncertainty on the global stage, it is vital to focus on our strengths and maximise the opportunities we encounter. The European Union is the primary source of legislation and regulation for the industry, therefore accurately developing a European strategy and monitoring the development in the EU institutions is paramount to the success of the sector. To represent the interests of the industry and to help develop tools to surpass these challenges, European Boating Industry supports the fostering of European know-how, innovation, standardization and sustainability in order to keep the European market an attractive sector for both new and regular users and to be the voice of these excellencies.


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