Committee of the Regions’ Opinion on Sustainable Tourism

The Committee of the Regions, the body which represents local and regional authorities at EU level, adopted in its plenary session an opinion titled “Towards more sustainable tourism for EU cities and regions”. The opinion addresses the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on the tourism and transport sectors, supports EU measures that have been taken so far and calls for wider measures to mitigate the crisis. The opinion also advocates measures to make tourism cleaner and more sustainable, and calls for recognising the importance of tourism in EU policy-making.

EBI had the opportunity to provide feedback on the drafting of the opinion and meet with its rapporteur, Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores (Deputy Minister for Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration of the Regional Government of Andalusia). As a result of such input, the opinion states that the Committee of the Regions “is in favour of continuing the work of the DG Mare-European Boating Industry working group on end-of-life of vessels with a view to developing a joint EU research and innovation roadmap to increase recycling of materials for building boats”. It also stresses the importance of promoting sustainable coastal maritime, and notes the potential of navigation and water sports for science, environmental awareness, ocean mapping and research on environmental issues.

The opinion can be found here.

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