Publication of European Climate Law

The Commission’s proposal for the European Climate Law was published. It aims to legislate for the climate-neutrality goal set out in the European Green Deal. This means achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions for EU countries through cutting emissions, investing in green technologies and protecting the natural environment. The law aims to ensure that all EU policies contribute to this goal and that all sectors of the economy and society are involved. It includes measures to keep track of progress and adjust actions. The Climate Law also includes several actions to achieve the 2050 target:

  • New EU target for 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reductions
  • All relevant policy instruments that can deliver additional emissions reductions will be reviewed by June 2021, following which the Commission may propose new legislation
  • Adoption of a 2030-2050 EU-wide trajectory for greenhouse gas emission reductions, to measure progress and give predictability to public authorities, businesses and citizens
  • Issuing of recommendations to Member States whose actions are inconsistent with the climate-neutrality objective that they will be obliged to take into account
  • Member States will be required to develop and implement adaptation strategies to strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to the effects of climate change

The full proposal can be found here.

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