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Council conclusions on tourism in Europe for the next decade

On May 27 the Council published its conclusions on tourism in Europe until 2030. The document considers tourism as a cross-cutting economic and social activity with a wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment and social and environmentally sustainable development.

It also took into account the challenges brought forward by the COVID-19 crisis, but also the new occasion to exchange good practices and reinforce cooperation and coordination in the framework of a European Agenda for Tourism that the Commission is requested to present by the end of 2021. Moreover, the Council considered that the travel and tourism sector need transparent information to allow mobility, as well as digital platforms where travellers can make informed choices and comply to health measures.

In the document the Council urges the EU and its Member States to move towards a collective and well-coordinated response to the current pandemic, including supporting the development of voluntary standards for health and safety protocols by tourism services. Furthermore, tourism is identified as one of the industrial ecosystems where further measures are needed to contribute to its economic, social and environmental sustainability. These measures include new employment opportunities, digital transformation and innovative services.

Download the full Council conclusions here.

EBI is an active stakeholder in the discussions at the EU level, and it has recently met with the European Commission’s Directorate for Tourism and Proximity, where key points of action for the recreational boating industry were discussed.