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Sea tourism has always been a significant part of the tourism industry as well as an engine of growth, innovation and extroversion for the coastal countries. Certain aspects of globalisation, such as the liberalisation of transport and communication along with the digital revolution and the increased interest in travelling abroad have favoured the sector, resulting in new, innovative services and infrastructures. On the other side, the aftermath of the last global recession, fears of a new recession, tight government budgets and the ageing of population have raised new concerns and challenges. In times of environmental crisis, the sustainability issue is of critical importance; enhancing environmental awareness is not just a necessity but also an opportunity.

Within this context, The Economist’s Sea Tourism Summit entitled “Navigating a sea of opportunities” is organised on 17th January in Düsseldorf. Distinguished leaders from government, politics and business, as well as prominent officials from the EU and the international institutions will take part in this stimulating dialogue covering a wide range of issues related to sea tourism.

EBI is a proud sponsor of The Economist’s Sea Tourism Summit. More information and registration here.

Sea Tourism Summit