Wednesday, 07 February 2024 14:56

EBI welcomes focus on recreational boating industry in EU Transition Pathway for green and digital mobility ecosystem

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European Boating Industry (EBI) welcomes the Transition Pathway for the European mobility industrial ecosystem published by the European Commission. It is the result of a two-year process between industry stakeholders and policy-makers, including EBI, that identified the challenges, opportunities, and actions needed to lead the green and digital transition. It highlights the strategic importance of the boating industry, in stating that the “building, maintenance and refit of recreational boats is also a sector in which the EU is leading globally with production having remained and grown in Europe.”

To support the sector in leading the green transition, it highlights the importance of “the provision of alternative fuels and charging infrastructure [...] in pleasure ports (marinas) to support the decarbonisation of both the existing fleet and future boats coming on the market”. Another key element in the Transition Pathway is the recycling of end-of-life of boats and the necessity to implement the European Roadmap on end-of-life boats launched in 2023. To ensure a comprehensive approach to sustainability, the life cycle approach from design to the recycling should be put at the centre of manufacturing.

EBI Secretary-General Philip Easthill commented “The inclusion of the recreational boating industry in the Transition Pathway is a decisive step. It shows our sector’s recognition as a key element of the maritime industry in Europe. EBI will continue working closely with policy-makers and stakeholders towards a strong EU maritime industry strategy and focusing on measures that effectively reduce environmental impact across the lifecycle.”

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