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EBI’s General Assembly supports renewed leadership team and welcomes two new sustaining members

Meeting virtually for the second General Assembly of the year, European Boating Industry members voted on the new Council. Together with four members, Jean-Pierre Goudant as President, Carlos Sanlorenzo as Vice-President and Treasurer,EBI General Assembly June 2021 and Anne-Marie Bouweraerts as Vice-President will lead the association for the next two years. Two new sustaining members were welcomed –International Boat Industry and the Marine Innovation Association from Israel – further increasing EBI’s network in the industry.

Held online, the General Assembly discussed the successful progress made in the first half of 2021, which saw the EU institutions ramp up their activities in preparation for the Covid-19 recovery and the summer season. EBI further increased its outreach to the institutions and officials, and saw many of its inputs being taken up. In particular, the European Commission published its 2021 Blue Economy Report in May, including EBI’s study on Covid impacts on recreational boating, and a new Strategy for the Sustainable Blue Economy. Another policy area in which EBI was active is the EU-U.S. tariff dispute. EBI kept and is keeping close contact with its US and international partners and the European Commission to call for removal of the tariffs. This has led to the suspension of the 1June tariff increase and the start of EU-U.S. negotiations. Other policy areas include tourism policy, end-of-life boats, Brexit, VAT rates, European Green Deal and importantly the ongoing review of the Recreational Directive.

New Council and EBI leadership

The General Assembly also held the elections of the new EBI leadership. The new Council has grown, becoming more dynamic and selecting a new influential leadership, which is primed to lead EBI in the next two years. It represents the breadth and scope of the recreational boating industry. This period will be increasingly important as recovery from Covid-19 ramps up, a period of several crucial policy initiatives come on the EU’s agenda and new opportunities for economic development for the industry develop.The new Council and EBI leadership unanimously supported by the General Assembly are the following:

  • President: Jean-Pierre Goudant representing FIN
  • Vice-President & Treasurer: Carlos Sanlorenzo representing ANEN
  • Vice-President: Anne-Marie Bouweraerts representing Nautibel
  • Piero Formenti representing Confindustria Nautica
  • Jurij Korenc representing SMIA
  • Robert Marx representing BVWW
  • Christopher Scott representing Polboat

New sustaining members

The General Assembly also unanimously approved the applications of two new sustaining members: International Boat Industry (IBI) and the Israeli Marine Innovation Association (MIA). Sustaining members benefit from EBI’s extensive network, support its role as representative body of the European industry and participate in its activities. They also gain access to a broad base of expertise and support for their own activities.

IBI has been the number one source for the global leisure marine industry for more than 50 years. As of today, the magazine is being received by over 16,000 industry professionals in 131 countries, and IBI is regarded as the essential international medium for communicating with boatbuilders and equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

The MIA represents the Israeli maritime industry as a whole and brings together decades of marine experience with the Israeli culture of cutting-edge technologies and innovation. The Israeli MIA connects innovative companies, industry members and municipal developers to shape the future of the Israeli and global Maritime Industry.

After the General Assembly, EBI President Jean-Pierre Goudant commented “We are very proud of the work of EBI and its growing importance at the EU level as a credible and trusted stakeholder. We are also very pleased to welcome two new sustaining members, which both offer EBI international- and business-oriented perspectives on how the industry can further grow. I am proud to be entrusted to lead EBI for another two years as President of EBI, and I look forward to working with the continuing and new Council members. I would like to thank our colleague Piotr Jasionowski who is leaving the EBI Council after 10 years of hard work. His invaluable role in building the association brought EBI where it is now, and I am sure the new Council will continue his work”.

IBI logoFollowing the approval as sustaining member of EBI, IBI’s publishing director Nick Hopkinson said “We are very pleased to have been accepted as a member of EBI, in addition to our full or associate memberships of our national association British Marine, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations, the US National Marine Manufacturers Association and the International Federation of Boat Show Organisers. Our application to join EBI was based on our desire to also become part of a European focussed organisation dedicated to the furtherment of the boating industry at a time when the UK has taken the unfortunate step of leaving the European Union.


MIA logoOn being accepted as sustaining member of EBI, Idan Cohen from the MIA commented “We are proud to join the European Boating Industry as a sustaining member and open a major channel for bringing digital transformation to the recreational boating industry. Israel is a part of the European recreational boating ecosystem, and our members are deeply engaged in it. Together with EBI, we hope to build the necessary foundations for the industry to develop communication and services on par with current client expectations and bring out the recreational boating sector’s potential to become a mainstream, sustainable and safe leisure and travel activity. With this partnership, we aim to open the door for many new services and enhance the sector’s natural growth.



About European Boating Industry (EBI)

European Boating Industry (EBI) represents the recreational boating industry in Europe. It encompasses all related sectors, such as boatbuilding, equipment manufacturing, marinas and service providers. The industry is a significant contributor to the European economy, representing 32,000 companies that employ over 280,000 people directly. The vast majority of the sector is made up of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It is a key contributor to tourism and has a global trade perspective.

EBI is an established stakeholder at EU level, defending and promoting the interests of its members on key issues ranging from Single Market legislation to blue growth, tourism and trade policy. More information here: europeanboatingindustry.eu

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