Thursday, 25 February 2021 11:29

EBI joins Europe’s travel and tourism sector in calling on EU governments to chart restart plan in time for summer

Tourism Manifesto Exit strategy imageThe European Tourism Manifesto, together with its members, including EBI, has released a series of joint recommendations for Member States to relaunch travel and tourism in Europe in time for summer 2021, under the title “Exit Strategy: preparing to restart travel and tourism”. The document tries to achieve a joint way forward towards restoring travel and tourism and freedom of movement, and has been shared with national governments.

The key proposal is the creation of a Commission Task Force for the restoration of free movement of people. Such Task Force would track the progress and impact of vaccination campaigns and mitigation measures (tests and quarantines), and would develop and implement a roadmap that would ensure a coordinated return to free movement. This roadmap would be updated regularly, reflecting changes in the development of the pandemic.

Other measures include coordination among governments on travel restrictions and requirements to offer predictability to travellers, business and workers; a harmonised EU framework for travel-related testing, that includes affordable testing, mutual recognition of tests between Member States, and the validation of rapid tests for travel and tourism purposes; coordination on national initiatives on E-health initiatives, allowing fast and digital verification of travellers’ vaccination or test status; and coordination in the reopening of tourism activities.

The full Exit Strategy, can be found here.

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