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30 November - Innovation & Technology determining future of boating - 2nd Nautic Conference

Within a year from the first edition of the “Boat’s end-of-life, truly the end?” conference, organised jointly by European Boating Industry, the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) and Reed Expositions France, the environmental issues gained even more visibility. The Paris Agreement (reached around the same time as Nautic 2015) helped the cause by entering into force this November. Even though Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections brought the prospect of America pulling out from the Agreement, the French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal expressed hope the deal “won’t fall apart”.

Putting aside electrifying results of the US elections and their consequences, this year the partners will join forces again during the Paris boat show on Tuesday, 6 December 2016, at the Scène Nautic for the second consecutive year to discuss “Innovation & technology – future for boating”.

The conference will look at how innovation and digitalisation can improve comfort and safety on board of recreational craft and how simplification of navigation or collaborative economy can make boating more attractive. It will highlight the lessons learned by the European industry leaders who export their innovations, which allows them to maintain a significant position on the international market.

The event in Paris will be a good opportunity to also look at the recent developments in the field of “marinas of the future”, see how marinas adapt themselves to technological evolution, digital revolution, new services and the users’ demands.

“Innovation & technology – future for boating” is free of charge and open to anyone interested in the subject. The conference will be held in French. No prior registration is required, however you need a valid entrance ticket to access the Nautic boat show.

The event’s programme and the speakers’ list are available in English and French.

For more information, please contact:

Sandrine Devos – European Boating Industry

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel +32 / 473 637 334

Géraldine BONNEAU – Nautic Press contact

Mob. + 33 / (0)6 58 23 14 42

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

November 2016 issue - NewsletterLogo ELMIF small

November has been getting colder and busier... the boating industry is getting ready for the EU Watercraft Directive before the transition period ends, not forgetting the other key topic such as environment, innovation and adapting to its users!


16 November 2016 - European Boating Industry debates industry challenges mets simi16

Our Secretary General, Sandrine Devos, took part in the debate on the challenges faced by the leisure marine industry at the occasion of "Sustainability in the Marine Industry" conference, held in Amsterdam on 14 November, ahead of METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show). Topics discussed by the industry and the EU representatives included user demographics, end-of-life boats, design and construction for dismantling or circular economy.

The issues that have also been signalled to the European Commission by European Boating Industry and looked at more closely in the Nautical Tourism Study, which is now being finalised at EU level. As one of the Commission's representatives informed at the conference, the focus of the study has been put on, next to dismantling, professional skippers' qualifications or marine safety equipment.

An interesting update regarding the costs of recycling came from Pierre Barbleu (APER - dismantling network in France) who explained that a new tax will be levied on French boatbuilders from January 2018 to help pay for the disposal of old boats.

15 November 2016 - Get your Guide to EU Watercraft Directive before transition period endssplashscreen H DE 1024 768

In two months’ time a yearly transition period foreseen by the new EU Watercraft Directive (2013/53/EU) for companies to allow sales of already produced equipment is coming to an end. Between 18 January 2016 (Directive’s entry into force) and 17 January 2017 companies have been able to place for the first time on the market boats, engines and components that are compliant and CE-marked according to both, the “previous” and the “new” directives. 

Two years ago, in order to prepare the industry for the new EU rules, European Boating Industry and ICOMIA published an EU RCD Guide, which since then has been updated and is now available for both Apple and Android tablets, alongside the PDF version in 9 languages, supported by any device. splashscreen H FR 1024 768

The most recent releases of the Guide (2.0) include: the French Android App and Apple App, as well as the German Android App

The EU RCD Guide and the CD-Rom containing the main ISO standards for boatbuilding are available on

October 2016 issue - NewsletterLogo ELMIF small

Nautical tourism is more present, both at EU and national level, as recent actions undertaken by European Commission and events, like those in France show. Trade talks are also catching the headlines again but what does it mean for TTIP? More on this in current newsletter, together with updates on market surveillance and non-road mobile machinery legislations. Also, news from IMO IMEC last session, invitations to Composites Europe and METS and reminders about: our new address, important dates, calls and consultations, as well as “Europe game” to relax.

September 2016 issue - NewsletterLogo ELMIF small

As predicted, the storm has arrived (and we’re not even mentioning US presidential campaign or celebrity break-ups on the other side of the Atlantic). Simply, as it does after the calm, keeping us busy. At Genoa boat show, EBI and ICOMIA agree to continue working on previously identified aspects of cooperation; Tourism Manifesto grows stronger with more high-level support from EU officials; Secretary General is invited to debate on marine sustainability at METS & EBI changes its ADDRESS! Don’t forget the approaching end of transition period for Directive 2013/53/EU, get some VIP tickets for Composites Europe and learn more about innovative “Roboat”. Last chance to apply for Blue Technology call; more on Horizon 2020 programmes and upcoming events

13 September - Our TCC-SCV project a finalist of Blue Economy Business Awards in Hamburg blueawards

The European Commission Directorate General for Maritime Affairs & Fisheries (DG MARE) showcased the work of TCC-SCV project (through the project leader Sea Teach) in its Blue Economy Business and Science Forum in Hamburg on 12 & 13 September 2016 and in the ceremony for the Blue Economy Business awards 2016. The project received a lot of interest from various stakeholders and was proud to present its work and achievements.

This short video (below) shows you in a nutshell the problematics the TCC-SCV project has been dealing with. The proposed solutions and main outcomes of the initiative are available here:

August 2016 issue - NewsletterLogo ELMIF small

August is a quiet month in Brussels and the city normally full of expats becomes deserted. The calm before the storm, then you see the lightning and hear the thunder… With the transition period in our Brussels office, end of the month has been hectic, but we’re extremely happy to announce new Secretary General has now officially taken up her functions. We give you the latest on TCC-SCV Project finalisation, Blue Economy Business Awards and invite you to meeting on improving skills/mobility in tourism and to Cannes! As always, you will find EU funding opportunities and calendar of events

3 August 2016 - TCC-SCV Project on finishing post Conf Photo All

The TCC-SCV Project on professional skippers' qualifications is officially coming to an end this month, in August 2016. However, the TCC-SCV Project team, encouraged by the very positive feedback received at the "Skippers Working Without Borders" conference, which took place before summer, will further pursue the implementation of Common Core Curriculum.

This solution could create a pathway to the “European Core Curriculum” for the small vessel sector and would allow existing and new professionals to automatically qualify for it and enable them to add the required “National Specific Modules” to work on different flagged vessels. We would like to encourage all affected skippers, interested organisations and administrations to join us in our initiative to make this approach a reality.

You can read more about the work carried out by the project partners, "Skippers Working Without Borders" conference in Brussels and learn about the Common Core Curriculum in the latest TCC-SCV newsletter, out now:

Please test our tools, send your remarks to the TCC-SCV Project team and tell others about this attempt to enable skippers to work without borders.

Project Leader Sea Teach will maintain the website and social media alive, while European Boating Industry will keep the topic on the EU agenda.  

July 2016 issue - NewsletterLogo ELMIF small

Marked with too many sad events in Europe, this summer has not been what we hoped for. Looking forward to a more peaceful August, we would like to draw your attention to the latest EU issues, such as adoption of non-road mobile machinery Regulation, debates we’ve held on nautical tourism, changes in EU Presidency order and EC low-emission mobility strategy. We’re happy to see our TCC-SCV partner nominated for Blue Economy awards, welcome new campaign for Europeans and update you on bathing sites. Note the change at the helm of EBI and take a look at EU open calls, fundings and events

June 2016 issue - Newsletter 

This month of June will remain in memories for the wave of changes it brought, both at European Boating Industry and EU level. We’re pleased to introduce Sandrine Devos as new Secretary General. The conference “Skippers Working Without Borders” has been a real success, rising up high boating topics on the EU agenda. Being in the middle of the transition year for the EU Directive on Watercraft, we share a series of important tips and some advice for product compliance. Other topics look at new online tool for ISO scantling standard; European Commission proposal on passenger ship safety and the Brexit vote follow-up

20 June 2016 - European Boating Industry acts as passerelle between industry and policy makers IMG-20160616-WA0000

Last week, European Boating Industry was proud to be the host of two successful events held in Brussels on 15 and 16 June.

On 15 June, a networking cocktail reception was organised jointly by President of association, Piero Formenti, and Member of European Parliament, Chair of the SME Working Group on Tourism, Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar. The reception was the opportunity to present the policy priorities of European Boating Industry at the European Parliament and informally exchange with its Members. 

On 16 June, the conference "Skippers Working Without Borders" served as exchange and networking platform for representatives of the EU institutions, national policy makers and industry stakeholders. It also concluded the work of the 2-year EU project on professional skippers’ qualifications on small commercial vessels called TCC-SCV. The TCC-SCV Project Team presented the results of its work which analysed 7 national qualifications for professional skippers holding a country specific small commercial vessel licence (SCV), who at the moment can only operate craft under that flag and have to re-qualify to be eligible to command identical vessels under different national flags in Europe. More on

There will be more about two events in the June Newsletter, coming out next week.

Picture's legend: P. Formenti and C. Monteiro de Aguiar delivering speeches at the reception

17 June 2016 - European Boating Industry appoints new Secretary General

New Secretary General appointedAt the occasion of its Assembly General and Council meetings yesterday, European Boating Industry appointed Ms Sandrine Devos as new Secretary General of the association. Ms Devos will take up her functions on 22 August 2016 as she succeeds Mirna Cieniewicz who has been running the Brussels’ office since its creation back in 2009. European Boating Industry’s President Piero Formenti said “I am delighted to welcome on board Sandrine Devos, who is an experienced EU lobbyist with a dynamic personality and therefore an ideal candidate to take over from Mrs Mirna Cieniewicz. I would also like to thank Mirna on behalf of all the members and the partners for her commitment and hard work since European Boating Industry was established. We wish her best of luck and lots of success with her next professional challenge.”

A French national in her mid-thirties, Sandrine Devos brings 7 years of EU public affairs experience gained in the Brussels arena within UEPG, the European Aggregates Association (construction sector). Familiar with the functioning and challenges of European industry representation, she has a solid network with the EU institutions and a sound understanding of environment-related issues.

Picture's legend from left to right: M. Cieniewicz, P. Formenti, S. Devos

May 2016 issue - Newsletter Logo ELMIF small

With Euro 2016 kicking off in France shortly, this might be our best moment for sharing boating news before everything gets replaced with football results, game schedules and so on. For your diaries, please pencil 15 and 16 June for the European Parliament’s Cocktail Reception, the conference “Skippers Working Without Borders” and the Assembly General Meeting in Brussels. We report about EU Watercraft Directive transposition, the new Regulation on personal protective equipment that covers lifejackets and trade-wise what’s happening with EU-US TTIP negotiations. Other news include the Parliament’s hearing on Birds & Habitats where European Boating Industry is sharing good practice about sustainable boating, the Blue Economy Business Awards or the SENTour platform for seniors. As always, you will find the open EU funding calls and calendar of events

20 May 2016 - New speakers confirmed for "Skippers Working Without Borders" conferenceSkippers Working Without Borders

In just 4 weeks from now, representatives of the boating industry from all over Europe will gather in Brussels with EU and national policy makers to exchange views on the problem of restricted work mobility for professional skippers and captains on small commercial vessels (up to 24m or 200 GRT).

Imagine two identical charter boats up to 24m moored in an Italian harbour: same length, same brand, the only visible difference being their flag, say one being under Spanish flag and the other under German one. Now, add to the equation a local, Italian professional skipper and find out he/she isn’t able to work on any of those boats as his Italian qualifications are not accepted. 

An unmissable event for all those involved in nautical services (skippers but also charter companies, crew agencies, boating schools and marinas), the conference "Skippers Working Without Borders" will feature the following speakers:

- Josie Tucci, General Manager of Moorings (TUI Marine), the premier provider of sailing holidays worldwide since 1969
- István Ujhelyi, European Parliament’s Vice-Chair of the Transport & Tourism Committee and Parliament’s Tourism Intergroup
- Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar, Member of European Parliament’s Transport & Tourism Committee and Parliament’s Tourism Intergroup
- David Kerr, Maritime Attaché at the Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU
- Konstantinos Tomaras, Deputy Head of European Commission’s Unit for professional qualifications and skills
- Thomas Strasser, Team Leader and Policy Officer at European Commission’s Unit for Mediterranean Maritime Affairs & Fisheries
- Mirna Cieniewicz, Secretary General of European Boating Industry
- Lara Hidalgo, Legal Adviser at the Spanish boating industry association ANEN
- Silja Teege, Director of Sea teach and TCC-SCV Project leaders

Find out more about the programme and the speakers HERE and REGISTER NOW

The conference is free of charge with limited number of seats. It will be held in English without interpretation.

April 2016 issue - Newsletter Logo ELMIF small

Without the banner “Hello Sunshine” outside our office window, we would have trouble recognising the spring in Brussels… We’re pleased to announce top speakers are now lined up for the “Skippers Working Without Borders” conference. Some concerns for the delays transposing the new directive and accrediting notified bodies, while the Blue Guide has been updated. Other news include Visit Europe, the launch of the Platform for Electro-mobility, updates on the non-road mobile machinery directive, European Maritime Day and IMO decision on ship emissions and fuel consumption. Last but not least, the Blue Growth calls offer great funding opportunities for the sector

28 April 2016 - Register now for "Skippers Working Without Borders" conference in BrusselsTCC-SCV final conference

European Boating Industry and the TCC-SCV Project Team are pleased to announce the speakers and the programme of the “Skippers Working Without Borders” conference that will take place in Brussels on 16 June 2016.

Imagine two identical charter boats up to 24m moored in an Italian harbour: same length, same brand, the only visible difference being their flag, say one being under Spanish flag and the other under German one. Now, add to the equation a local, Italian professional skipper and find out he/she isn’t able to work on any of those boats as his Italian qualifications are not accepted.

Absurd? Well, this is the harsh reality for professional skippers on small commercial vessels!

The lack of recognition of skippers’ professional qualifications is affecting a large range of actors, from skippers themselves to charter companies, crew agencies, training institutes and national maritime authorities. National industry associations are also concerned by the current situation and three of them – namely APL (Czech Republic), BVWW (Germany) and FIN (France) who joined as TCC-SCV project partners.

Confirmed speakers at the conference include:

- Scott Farquharson, General Manager of Sunsail (TUI Marine), one of the biggest charter companies worldwide
- István Ujhelyi, European Parliament’s Vice-Chair of the Transport & Tourism Committee and Parliament’s Tourism Intergroup
- Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar, Member of European Parliament’s Transport & Tourism Committee and Parliament’s Tourism Intergroup
- David Kerr, Maritime Attaché at the Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU
- Hubert Gambs, European Commission’s Director for Maritime Affairs & Fisheries
- Konstantinos Tomaras, Deputy Head of European Commission’s Unit for professional qualifications and skills
- Lara Hidalgo, Legal Adviser at the Spanish boating industry association ANEN
- Silja Teege and Mike John, Directors of Sea teach and TCC-SCV Project leaders

Find out more about the programme and the speakers HERE and REGISTER NOW on

The conference is free of charge with limited number of seats. It will be held in English without interpretation.

8 April 2016 - Smell the sea and feel the sky

BIC photo

Let your soul and spirit fly into Europe’s beauty! Our continent is currently the world’s number one tourist destination with a market share of 51% in 2014 and it seems like it doesn’t need any more advertising… yet, visitors often don’t realise that Europe can be explored in so many different ways… and one of them is definitely by boat, be it sailboat, motorboat or if you’re ready for an upgrade – a yacht.

European Boating Industry together with European Travel Commission (a non-profit organisation responsible for promoting Europe as tourist destination) have put their efforts together to invite to Europe even more visitors, especially interested in leisure marine, through our article "Sail the Seas".

Thanks to this cooperation, all those planning their trip to Europe with help of - a platform run by European Travel Commission for consumers who wish to find travel information about European countries they would like to visit – will now be able to learn more about boating possibilities they have, whether they choose the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea or the Atlantic Coast.

Photo legend: People enjoying watersports, courtesy of Bic Sport

March 2016 issue - Newsletter Logo ELMIF small

We’ve been busy this month attending the industry annual meetings in Barcelona and Paris! Two excellent occasions to exchange with companies, learn how they address current challenges and hear about great initiatives, such as boating campaigns or joint actions. In March, we met Commissioner Navracsics to discuss nautical tourism and were happy to secure some key EU speakers for TCC-SCV conference on 16 June. Read more on latest nautical study; future of harmonised standards; work with ECSA on passenger ship safety and take a look at upcoming events & EU open calls

11 March 2016 - ANEN celebrates 10th anniversary by launching boating promotion campaign embarcate

On 9-10 March 2016 the Spanish marine federation, ANEN, organised for the 4th consecutive year its annual Nautical Congress in Barcelona (Spain). The 2-day event which this year coincided with 10th anniversary of ANEN, gathered close to 300 participants, 6 times more than at the inaugurating congress 4 years ago. What a nice birthday gift and a perfect numerous audience for the launch of the Spanish boating campaign "Embarcate", unvelied at the occasion. This Spanish initiative, like other similar projects in Germany with Start Boating, Italy with Navegar m'è dolce or France with the Fête du Nautisme, aims to encourage people to get on board and get a taste of sailing and watersports. More practical details about the campaign will be revealed shortly. For the time being, you can watch the promotional video or follow the news on Twitter @embarcate_ES

On the eve of the launch of the Spanish campaign, European Boating Industry Secretary General, Mirna Cieniewicz, moderated the roundtable on the new consumer profiles. Robert Marx, President of German association BVWW, presented the Start Boating campaign via a video message. The video of the French federation FIN highlighted the first impacts of the shared and collaborative economy in the boating sector.

During the second day of the Congress M. Cieniewicz took part in the discussion on the role of associations and the importance of collaboration at the national and EU level. She stressed the complementarity of the national and EU work carried out by ANEN, the other Spanish associations and European Boating Industry. The roundtable also debated about lobbying and the importance for the sector to engage in a united manner in the dialogue with the legislators and policy-makers at all levels, local, regional, national and European.

More about the ANEN Nautical Congress here

29 February 2016 - European Boating Industry supports Tourism Manifesto manifesto

European Boating Industry is proud to announce it has joined forces with other private and public tourism stakeholders and signed the Tourism for Growth and Jobs Manifesto.

Today, the Mediterranean Sea alone attracts 70% of the world charter activity (in all length segment) and is the number one destination for nautical tourism. Boating and water sports are practised in all European seas and oceans, as well as on rivers and lakes in the continental countries. It is important for Europe to maintain and further advance this leader position, while taking initiatives to facilitate the development of nautical tourism activities in Europe.

In general, the tourism sector in Europe faces a number of challenges and needs the creation of a favourable environment for its growth and development. The signatories of the Manifesto, together with European Boating Industry, believe it can be achieved by establishing an integrated approach to the travel and tourism sector. The Manifesto sets out the European policy priorities that need to be further improved in the area of tourism, such as competitiveness, skills and qualifications, digitalisation, sustainability and reducing seasonality.

Find out more about the Tourism Manifesto on

Logo ELMIF small

February 2016 issue - Newsletter 

February gave us a moment to catch a breath before European Boating Industry changes into a "mobile office" again in March, with all the travels ahead! Being travellers ourselves, we appreciate the role tourism and leisure play in our economies. European Boating Industry is proud to support the Tourism Manifesto and decided to being its contribution to the Brexit debate for the boating industry. More about the European Maritime Day in Finland, the German Ocean Foundation and the new regulation lifejackets and NOx emission limits in the USA in our latest Newsletter

29 January 2016 - Largely-attended International Breakfast Meeting presents Competitiveness Study, boating campaign & US market

rsz boot16 mk6156A new format of the annual conference, held in the past typically on Wednesday, organised jointly for the last three years by European Boating Industry and boot Düsseldorf saw its debut on 26 January 2016 as the “International Breakfast Meeting”. This year edition which gathered over 90 participants, looked at competitiveness of the sector; German campaign to promote boating; and at state-of-play in the North American markets.

Take a look at the complete Competitiveness Study.

More about the event, in the January Newsletter (below). If you are interested to receiving more information about the International Breakfast Meeting, please contact the Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can also watch short videos summarising the presentations on our youtube channel.



January 2016 issue - Newsletter Logo ELMIF small


The boat show 2016 edition in Düsseldorf was our 4th consecutive year in partnership with boot organisers and the debut of our new format, the International Breakfast Meeting, which turned out to be a big success! Also at boot the Assembly General meeting was the opportunity to discuss the 2016 work programme and the role of European associations with the European Commission. Other news covers the new Watercraft Directive, new EU rules for personal protective equipment, the announcement of Skippers’ without Borders conference in Brussels. More on

18 January 2016 - New EU Watercraft Directive becomes applicable 

watercraft directive applicable

The new EU Watercraft Directive 2013/53/EU, formally known as the Recreational Craft Directive or RCD, started to apply today, Monday 18 January 2016.

European Boating Industry has been working on this new piece of legislation since 2008, participating in the meetings and advising the European Commission and Member States on the various changes to be introduced. For instance, the obligations and responsibilities of all economic operators - be they manufacturers, commercial and private importers or distributors - that have been further defined in the new Directive. They include updated

identification and traceability requirements as well as recommended templates for the Declaration of Conformity.

The essential safety and environmental requirements were also modernised in line with the latest developments and nautical knowledge. Design categories are now solely based on meteorological conditions 

(wind and waves); means of re-boarding the craft must be accessible from the water; holding tanks or onboard treatment systems became mandatory for boats equipped with toilets; and engine exhaust emission levels have been further reduced and aligned with the US EPA levels.

Europan Boating Industry and ICOMIA released the "EU RCD Guide" to assist companies mastering the transition to the new Directive. Available in 9 languages, it contains:

- An online test to assess one's knowledge
- A quick guide for anyone to check formal compliance
- Detailed chapters about legal changes, essential requirements, conformity assessment procedures, market surveillance
- A series of special cases
- Recommended templates and more.

Our factsheet also answers most questions relating to the one-year transition period running from 18 January 2016 until 17 January 2017. Find out more here

6 January 2016 - REGISTER for International Breakfast Meeting on 26 January 2016 in bootboot2015

Don't miss your chance to attend the first edition of the “International Breakfast Meeting 2016” in less than 3 weeks at boot Düsseldorf (Germany)!

After jointly organising for the last three years the International Conference, boot Düsseldorf and European Boating Industry are proud to introduce this new format. The 2016 edition of the International Breakfast Meeting will look at the industry competitiveness (results of the European Commission study will be unveiled), its challenges (German new boating campaign will be presented) and the North American market performance and trends.

Take a look at the programme and the speakers. The International Breakfast Meeting will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation into German.

Attendance is free of charge but prior registration is required. Please return this form by email before 15 January 2016, thank you!

Photo by Messe Duesseldorf

December 2015 issue - NewsletterEuropean Boating Industry

This last issue for 2015 reports on the concrete solutions for boat’s end of life shown at the Nautic in Paris. Looking at 2016, it provides more information on the application of the new Directive on watercraft (applicable from 18 January onward). We're pleased to invite you to the first edition of the International Breakfast Meeting at boot Düsseldorf. Find out about the VIP package at Miami International Boat Show, what to expect from the EU circular economy package and open calls for EU funding

22 December 2015 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! xmas card 2015

So this is Christmas, another year over and a new one just begun (almost)... Before switching off for this special time of the year, please save these important January dates in your brand new 2016 diary:

- 18 January 2016: Recreational Craft Directive (2013/53/EU) starts applying, you'll find out more about it here

- 26 January 2016: First edition of the International Meeting Breakfast at boot Düsseldorf, more details about the programme, the speakers and how to register below and here

9 December 2015 - Concrete solutions for boat dismantling presented at Nautictyves lyon-caen et alain pichavant 2

Vidéo en français avec résumé de la conférence

French speakers will find the conference highlights presented in the video.

On 8 December 2015, the conference “Boat’s end-of-life, truly the end?” was held at the Nautic – Paris International Boat Show - jointly organised by European Boating Industry, the French federation FIN and Reed Exposition. The event gathered a large audience made of exhibitors, companies, visitors and public authorities eager to learn more about the current approaches to boat dismantling across the world and discuss how to make this activity viable in the long term.

With the rumours that the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) talks in Paris could bring a compromise leading to a “cleaner” planet and the newly adopted by the European Commission “circular economy package”, the conference brought a clear message that concrete solutions were available for boat’s end-of-life while more work was necessary at EU level to address the remaining issues in the technical, legal and financial areas of the boat dismantling activity.

Opening the conference, Yves Lyon-Caen, President of Nautic and the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) said “Boat dismantling and the operational management of such activity at national and EU level is complex for 3 reasons: there is a significant imbalance between the historic and current markets posing the challenge of fleet renewal; the boat is one of the products with the longest lifetime – over 40 years; and the same boat will on average change hands from 6 to 7 times.”

The presentations from European Boating Industry, APER, UCINA and the European Commission were followed by a lively exchange between the speakers and the audience who did not shy away from hot topics such as financing, fiscal incentives, new dismantling practices, administrative or operating models. European Boating Industry together with its members will continue working on this topic in order to advance the debate and promote concrete solutions.

November 2015 issue - NewsletterEuropean Boating Industry

The Paris attacks and the Brussels lockdown have put a special mark to this month. Yet for now all our activities are maintained and we look forward to meeting you at the Paris boat show for the conference and debate with the European Commission on boat dismantling schemes. In this issue we also remind you about the countdown to the start of the new EU Recreational Craft Directive; inform you about green innovation at Sardinia’s workshop and new sustainable materials. We also bring you the latest on EU funding opportunities and invite you to take part in the open consultations. More on

10 November 2015: Programme unveiled for "Boat's end-of-life, truly the end?"
Nautic - Paris International Boat Show (France), 8 December 2015PosterNautic

In less than a month, Paris will become THE place to discuss important environmental issues concerning most of us at the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21, taking place in December in the French capital. With the camera lenses being directed at the “city of lights”, it is also a perfect opportunity to give more visibility to the environmental issues in the boating sector at the Nautic – Paris International boat show.

On Tuesday, 8 December 2015 European Boating Industry, the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN) and Reed Expositions France are jointly organising a conference under the title “Boat’s end-of-life, truly the end?” gathering industry experts and the European Commission as speakers. The event will be followed by the “Environment Day” on 9 December at the Nautic. Industry experts and the European Commission will present the existing initiatives around the world and in Europe, with the goal of identifying and discussing key issues in the establishment and operations of boat dismantling schemes.

Check out the programme & speakers in English & French

Where? Scène Nautic in Hall 1 of the Nautic boat show (Porte de versailles, Paris)

The conference is free of charge and open to all visitors of the Nautic - Paris International Boat Show. Registration is not required. The working language will be French, with simultaneous translation available for English. For inquiries, please contact the Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

10 November 2015: Workshop on "Smart & Sustainable Boating in the Mediterranean" SardegnaRicerche

European Boating Industry's Secretary General is pleased to speak at the workshop organised by Sardegna Ricerche, the Sardinian R&D agency, about "Smart & Sustainable Boating in the Mediterranean". Held in Cagliari, Sardinia, it gathers Italian and foreign experts to exchange on key topics such as marine protected areas, green innovation and solutions, sustainable port management, and rules and regulations.

Mirna Cieniewicz will present the environmental impacts relating to boating, how to mitigate them and present the current achievements of the boating industry in the environmental area. She will further exchange with the audience about the remaining progress to be made and how to approach it. In the afternoon session reserved for Sardinian boating companies only, she will present the new EU Recreational Craft Directive, the main ideas behind the European Commission's Strategy for coastal and maritime tourism and the contributions made by European Boating Industry. New "intelligent" solutions, such as developing systems that automatically inform boaters when they are in marine protected areas, will be discussed during the meeting. The workshop brings together boating manufacturers and other industry representatives working in services, ports and marinas to facilitate the exchange of different experiences. The participation is free of charge but prior registration is mandatory. 

More information available here

October 2015 issue - NewsletterEuropean Boating Industry

Time flies when you’re having fun, they say: it’s been almost a year now since we released our English EU RCD Guide in METS! Today, thanks to our members and partners, we’re proud to announce 7 language versions are available and 2 more will be released soon. We’re glad to see boat dismantling gets more publicity and announce our event in Paris "Boat’s end of life, truly the end?" You'll read about EU safety rules for passenger vessels are under scrutiny and the online platform ESCO for skills & jobs. Look at the EU funding opportunities and check out the VIP package for Miami International Boat Show. More on

22 October 2015 - Spanish version of EU RCD guide now availablescreenshot cover

Thanks to the efforts of our Spanish member ANEN (Asociación Nacional de Empresas Náuticas), it's apleasure to announce the release of the Spanish translation of the EU RCD Guide. Carlos Sanlorenzo, Secretary General of ANEN, said: “I believe that this guide is an essential tool that will facilitate a good knowledge of the new directive to the Spanish market, which is now recovering. It is an important success for our industry.”

ANEN carried out the work of translating the Guide into Spanish and this way makes the new EU rules even more accessible, especially for smaller companies, without dedicated product compliance staff. The Spanish translation of the guide will also make it easier for most of the South American countries interested in trading with Europe to understand the rules to export to the EU single market.

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5 October 2015 - EU RCD Guide in Italian unveiled at the workshop in GenoaCopertina guida RCD IT

On 2 October European Boating Industry together with its Italian member UCINA Confindustria Nautica organised a workshop on the new Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU at the International Genoa Boat Show. The event held in Italian and attended by around 50 people, was also a perfect opportunity to present the Italian translation of the EU RCD Guide.

Developed by European Boating Industry and ICOMIA, the RCD Guide is now available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Estonian and Swedish) at the price of 3.99 EUR. More translations, such as Czech, Spanish or Polish are planned.

For more information about the Guide, please visit

With only 4 months left before the new EU Recreational Craft Directive starts applying, the guide serves as a practical, easy-to-understand tool that will help companies ensure the product they build, import or distribute on the EU single market is fully compliant and safe.

1 October 2015 - Ongoing PlugBoat calls for industry cooperation to make electric boats mainstream 150930 PlugBoat JPG

Today sees the second day of the 2nd World Electric & Hybrid Boat Summit “PlugBoat”, opened yesterday (30 September) with a hundred participants from the boating industry, mainly from Europe but also from Canada, Japan, India and Hong Kong, experts in electric systems for the automotive and shipping sectors, universities, business schools but also national ministries.

European Boating Industry’s Vice-President Jean-Pierre Goudant spoke at the opening session about the potential of this niche sector, which even during the crisis has been fast-growing, innovative, energy-efficient and led by European companies. He also listed some of the critical areas for success of hybrid & electric propulsion identified by European Boating Industry - more about them in our September newsletter.

Christian Pho Duc, Senior Vice-President for Sales at Torqeedo, a leading German company for marine electric mobility with over 50,000 engines already sold worldwide, said it was now a collective challenge to take electric propulsion to the next level and make it a reliable and affordable alternative to conventional systems.

Highlights from the first day of the congress also include the decision by the City of Amsterdam to ban 2-stroke engines on private boats from 2017 and achieve "zero emission" target by 2020; the Mienskip initiative to be launched in 2016 by Frisian E-Boating Foundation SEFF, where various groups are invited to collectively engage into building an affordable electric boat or an Italian idea: the VEBS – Venice Electric Boat Sharing - a pilot programme due to start in 2016 and replicating the principle of car sharing already existing in many European cities. More details here.

On the third day of PlugBoat (2 October) participants will go to Friesland, the Dutch region leading the way in introducing electric-only boating routes and areas, where 18 electric boats will be tried and tested by them.

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Picture's legend: Jean-Pierre Goudant, Vice-President of European Boating Industry and FIN

September 2015 issue - Newsletter Logo ELMIF small

The autumn boat show season is well advanced and let’s not be shy, 2015 will be a good year ! We report about the European market performances and forecasts, as well as some key industry events we have been involved with, such as PlugBoat for electric propulsion and Boat DIGEST conference on dismantling. On the EU scene, the negotiations are on-going for the non-road mobile machinery directive which encompasses, among many other engines, also marine ones. Some more events are scheduled in Genoa, METS – Amsterdam, Paris or Miami

25 September 2015 - Boat DIGEST presents its results at Brussels conference BD final group photo 2

On 23 September, European Boating Industry hosted the final Boat DIGEST conference in Brussels, the closing event of the 2-year initiative on safe dismantling procedures for boats, which presented the general overview on the end-of-life boats (ELB) and the main project outcomes.

While challenges are still remaining, especially when it comes to financing models of dismantling ELBs, the Boat DIGEST project gave more visibility to the work carried out in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and UK.

In France alone since 2009, nearly 4,000 boats were treated, as APER (Association pour la plaisance éco-responsable) - one of the few dismantling networks in Europe and a project partner - informed the participants. With fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) being used in a number of other complex products like planes, wind turbines, fishing vessels, caravans, the boating industry is open to share this recycling challenge with other sectors.

Looking at how to safely dispose of a boat, Boat DIGEST developed an online and free of charge training course for the professional staff working at waste management facilities and having to treat boats. The training contains 4 units covering administrative, financial and practical issues. An online test verifies the dismantlers' knowledge and if over 70% of answers are correct, a certificate is issued by University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, Scotland), one of the project partners.

Another useful outcome is the regularly updated dismantling network map which helps identify and locate professional dismantling sites in Europe.

In order to raise awareness among the nautical community, several actions were carried out and tools are now available: four sets of guidelines targeting various groups; posters (for owners & dismantlers); an awareness raising module for users and educational videos (last two accessible via "Training modules" in the top right corner

It is worth adding that even though the Boat DIGEST project formally ends now, the website will continue to run for at least 5 years, after the project has been finalised, so all the materials will remain available there. Moreover, if you are a boat owner or dismantler, you can still contribute to the e-pilot exercise by going to the website and choosing "Training modules" in the top right corner.

Presentations from the conference are available below:

Presentation 1 (Cieniewicz & Barbleu), Presentation 2 (Rodriguez), Presentation 3 (Barbleu), Presentation 4 (Barredo), Presentation 5 (Olimbo), Presentation 6 (di Martino), Presentation 7 (Tomczuk)

Top right picture's legend: Boat DIGEST project partners with some of the conference participants

One of the project's videos below

4 September 2015 - Register now for final Boat DIGEST conference on 23 September

recycling photo

After 2 years of work and research, the EU-funded initiative Boat DIGEST is finishing in just over 2 weeks. The project which started in 2013 has been focusing on safe dismantling procedures for boats and raising awareness of the boating community. All interested people are invited to save the date of the final conference which will take place from 10:00 to 12:30 on Wednesday, 23 September 2015 in Brussels (Belgium).

The event will present the outcomes and findings of the project and discuss the next activities on this important issue. The conference programme is available here

You can still register by sending a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you!

August 2015 issue - NewsletterLogo EBI

September is almost here and this autumn promises to be rich in events. Make sure then your diary is up-to-date with the forthcoming ones. These include: COMPOSITES EUROPE - the fair for boatbuilders and material specialists; the Boat DIGEST final conference looking at safe boat dismantling; and PlugBoat 2015 - the 2nd World Congress for Electric & Hybrid Boats. We’ll be visiting the HISWA Water Show (Amsterdam), Cannes Yachting Festival (France) and the Genoa International Boat Show (Italy), and we’d love to meet and answer your questions about the EU work if you have any. Our RCD Guide is now available in German and Swedish, while Italian will be released in October, making a total of 6 languages. Check open consultation on functioning of waste markets in the EU and open call for experts. Take a look at

July 2015 issue - Newsletter Logo ELMIF small

The summer has been hot so far, especially for Greece and the economic reform plans that include a luxury tax for boats. To relax, we offer you yet another two holiday reads – the German and Swedish translations of the EU RCD guide – that you will probably find gripping... especially when you realise the new Directive starts applying in less than 6 months! More presents in this issue: complimentary tickets to Composites Europe, invitation to final Boat DIGEST conference and update on professional skippers' TCC-SCV project. Read also about new ruling of EU Court relevant to marina services and European Tourism Forum in Luxembourg. Have your say in EU consultations, check open calls and the event calendar. Take a look at


14 July 2015 - FREE vouchers for Composites Europe for 22-24 September CE Logo 2014

In cooperation with COMPOSITES EUROPE, European Boating Industry is happy to invite you to visit the 10th European Trade Fair & Forum for Composites, Technology and Applications, which will take place on 22-24 September 2015 in Stuttgart Exhibition Centre (Germany).

COMPOSITES EUROPE is the international forum and networking platform for the composite sector, where manufacturers, processors, users and service providers meet designers, engineers, scientists, buyers and suppliers from the most important industries. During three days, you can experience the entire process chain of the composites industry in one single location, gain a complete overview of the market and meet major exhibitors. If you are looking for specific ways to optimise your business, you might find some answers here. To get your free entrance ticket, please contact the Secretariat by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the voucher code.

More information about COMPOSITES EUROPE on

Get your Guide to EU Watercraft Directive before transition period ends