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New EU Watercraft Directive (formally known as RCD) is now applicable (since 18 January 2016): all you need to know on key EU legislation for boating industry!

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Latest News | June, 15 2017

On Wednesday, 14 June 2017, European Boating Industry held its Assembly General and Council meetings in Brussels, Belgium. The Assembly General elected the new Council which will act as the governing body of the association for the next 2 years.

Videos | March, 02 2017

Desptie the EU Single Market, there are no common rules across Europe for the training and certification of professional skippers and captains. On the contrary, the regulatory landscape is very fragmented as rules are only set at national level. One of the consequences is that professional qualifications from one Member State are not recognised by another, causing problems with recruitment, work mobility and lack of standards for profession.


Misc | July, 27 2016

Our current Council is chaired by President Piero Formenti. It is composed of 5 elected representatives who are mostly companies' leaders and therefore actively involved in the boating business.